1:1 Learning at St Mary’s Cathedral College

The 1:1 laptop program operating across the College has come about as a direct result of the Federal Government’s Education Revolution Policy.

The Catholic Education Office developed a systemic approach to the Federal Government initiative and mandated that all systemic catholic high schools deploy laptops to all Year 9 students in the September of each year, commencing from 2008 through until 2011. The end result of this program should see all students from Years 9 to 12 using a laptop throughout their school day. Students involved in the 1:1 program are the administrators of their machines and carry them to and from the College each day. Thursday has been deemed a ‘laptop-free’ day due to the fact that all students are involved in sporting activities which require them to be in a wide variety of situations that make securing the laptops virtually impossible.

At present we are half way into the implementation of the program and to date progress has been relatively smooth. Deployment to the current Year 11 group took place in December 2008 while the Year 10 students received their MacBooks in September of 2009. We deployed to our Year 9 students in late March 2010.

At present the 1:1 program is confined to Stages 5 and 6 with a possibility of expanding into Stage 4 in 2011. This is in line with CEO policy as well as the guidelines around the Federal Government initiative. We have however, allowed our senior students to bring their own laptops into the College to be used in accordance with both the College PED Policy and the CEO’s Student Acceptable Use Policy. Laptops that do not belong to the College are not supported by the ICT Team and the College takes no responsibility for the security of the laptop.

At this stage students in Years 5 to 8 are not permitted to bring a laptop onto the College premises unless they have sought an exemption under medical grounds.


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