1:1 in 2010

After 18 months of experiencing 1:1 learning at the College we are taking a step back to look at what issues are causing the most stress to staff.

We now have three year groups 1:1. MacBooks were issued under the Federal Government’s Education Revolution Funding starting with the current Year 11’s in December 2008 through to the current Year 9 cohort in March of 2010.

Recently we surveyed the staff on their thoughts and at present we are evaluating their comments. From my point of view some of the many issues are: supporting staff in using the technology, helping them understand how they can use technology to engage their students, exposing them to a variety of digital resources that are available, helping staff who are reluctant users of technology see the benefits of using technology, restructuring the learning spaces to enhance 1:1 learning, keeping students on task during classes that may not be ‘as engaging’ as they could be, looking at how we can start thinking about more ‘student-centred’ approaches across the College, looking at how we can start providing access to ‘ebooks’ rather that our current stock of ‘texts’ from the College Book Hire system.


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