This year I have stepped back from my role as eLearning Coordinator at the College. I feel like I need a break from the never ending demands of keeping on top of the online world as well as having some time to develop my own teaching skills that have taken a back seat to managing the College’s elearning directions over the past four years.

So I am now ‘back at the coalface‘ teaching six classes and managing a Year 7 Homeroom group. I have two Maths classes and four RE classes. The Maths classes are both bottom groups, one in Year 7 and the other Year 9 while the RE classes range from 7-10.

I will be posting samples of work and things I have experimented with during the year. I am hoping that without the added responsibilities of coordinating I am able to explore the iPads a little more and see how they can be used to change the way things are done in the classroom.

This year I have abandoned my Mac Pro and am using the iPad exclusively for my teaching. I tried to do this last year but found the iPad could not do a couple of crucial things that the Mac could do. The two most important for me were an effective teacher organiser and the ability to download and store YouTube videos.

This year I have found two apps that have been terrific and enabled me to move to the iPad full time.

Free Video Appapp which is not quite free (99c for the ad free version) which allows me to download and store videos to use in my teaching.

The other is a great teacher tool for keeping track of student work and anecdotal assessment.

Idoceo is a winner from my perspective and I much prefer it to the electronic teachers chronicle I was using on my Mac. Obviously much cheaper and does the same job.

I will highlight other apps and how I am using them in the classroom throughout the year.


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