Making the Connections in Maths

I like this video as it emphasises the connections we need to make in our Maths classes. As a teacher of Maths I sometimes struggle to deal with the ‘coverage of content’ obsession that exists in a lot of our secondary schools. The reason so many students start to disengage with Maths is because we fail to make the connections with the syllabus and textbook and  the real world.

In my school ‘working mathematically’ is seen as simply working without a calculator. Our Maths is taught in most classes the same way it has been taught for years with the teacher working through examples on the board and then the students completing numerous examples in their exercise books.

Given we are one of the most successful Maths schools in the region there is something to be said for delivering Maths in this way. I just wonder if we could be even better if we were more open to different ways of teaching Maths, particularly in our Stage 4 classes.


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