UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Our Year 7 students have been preparing for the upcoming UNSW Sunsprint Challenge which takes place next Friday and Saturday.

The Challenge is part of our Year 7 Project Based Learning and the team have been working on the car all year. From concept to construction the process has been very involved and complex. We have been fortunate that last year’s team have been able to pass on valuable knowledge making life a little easier for our Year 7 team.

This Challenge involves a great deal of higher order thinking and is a fantastic way to challenge the more capable students. Collaboration, creativity and outstanding problem solving skills are a necessity if you wish to participate.

Just getting a car to the event is a major achievement. Having a car that is competitive is simply outstanding. We know our Year 8 team will be very competitive this year and the fact our Year 7 team have created a car that moves quite quickly is remarkable.

I know all team members have gained a great deal from participating in the Challenge. They will certainly learn a lot more about themselves over the two days of the Challenge.

Here are some images from last week’s workshop.


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