Recently we set our Year 7 students an assessment task that did not specify the type of presentation required. It was the first time we had allowed students to use any medium they like to respond to a major assessment task in RE. Previously they had been directed to a specific app or software application to present their response.

Having now assessed all submissions it is interesting to observe what students used to respond to the task. My class predominantly chose apps they were familiar with and that was Keynote or iMovie. Videoscribe was a very popular choice but only a handful were able to create a presentation that was engaging and effective. Watching a hand draw numerous images can become quite tedious!

It certainly has been an interesting exercise. Next time I will spend more time discussing options with the students at the start of the task. We spent time scaffolding what the task required but not enough time looking at what options were available for presenting.

Here is a selection of three of the better responses.


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