Minecraft: A reply to the NYT post

Great response by Dean Groom. Wonderful insight into Minecraft in Learning and life.


This relates to the post in the NYT titled “Disruptions: Minecraft, an Obsession and an Educational Tool”. In the first part, I want to walk though what is said not said and implied. Then I’d like to look at why this piece is insufficient to describe the ‘state’ of Minecraft as a game in school and home.

To begin I’d like to tackle the modality of the piece. I have some issues with it.  The headline leads off an assertion which plays directly to longstanding parent anxiety around the effects of games. The NYT has somewhat of a history of doing this and has been studied my more than one scholar in their presentations of video games to their audience.

It’s important to put Minecraft into the continuum of video games. It is a further remediation of long-standing development in sand-box games as a genre, and has cleverly used “monsters…

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