Clickview and the iPad

Over the past year I have been using my iPad exclusively. I cut the ties with my Mac Pro and decided to embrace the iPad as my ‘tool of trade’. It has been an interesting experience as I sought to do the things on the iPad that I relied on with the Mac.

There were three essentials for me. One was finding an app that would keep track of the students and my daily routine to keep me organised. I decided on iDoceo after experimenting with Teacher’s Assistant in 2012. iDoceo has been a great asset to my tracking of student work and keeping on top of things like class marks, anecdotal records, missed work etc. Being able to email parents from inside the app has been very helpful.

The second essential was being able to grab content from YouTube to be able to use offline. There is nothing worse than trying to stream a video and constantly watching it lag as it downloads. Causes a lot of frustration in the classroom. I found Free Video which cost $0.99 and has done exactly as I wanted. There are now other apps that perform this function but Free Video is great. You can rename files and put them in folders according to subjects. I delete videos immediately after viewing.

The final piece of the puzzle which we have only just solved is access to our Clickview Library. We have a terrific collection and not being able to access some of the content has been a little frustrating. After meeting with Clickview recently we were shown some of their new features. While the Clickview Online feature is not new we were able to sort out the issues that were occurring with the uploading of our Library to the Clickview servers thereby enabling us to access our Library on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world. Clickview provided us with new login details and today I was able to watch a great Angles video that was in our Library from the iPad in class. While this may seem insignificant to many to me it was the end of a long struggle to sort out this issue.


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