Singapore Learning

I really enjoyed this short video on what is happening in Singapore. I know Marist Parramatta have embraced the Polytechnic model in their senior school and have been delighted by the transformation in learning.

The impressive thing is that there is a clear vision for what is happening in the school and everyone is on the same page. In most of the schools I am familiar with the vision is not always clear and not everyone is heading in the same direction. Some staff are eager to embrace new ideas while others are happy to let the world go by and keep their classrooms separate from reality. No technology, exercise books and pens, copying from the board, the teacher as the source of all knowledge, etc.

The challenge for most schools is getting a clear vision for learning and getting everyone on board. At present my school is still very much in a transition phase. We had the introduction of technology five years ago and while it took a while everyone got on board technology is no longer seen as an ‘add on’. It is just part of the process of learning.

Now we are at the stage where we need to decide about the way we got about our learning and how we can incorporate new pedagogies into our practice. That is not to say what we have been doing is wrong just that we can complement those ways by adding new ‘strings to our bow’ to make the learning experience more relevant and contemporary.

These are interesting times!


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