Another Minecraft Experiment

I am having another go at using Minecraft in one of my classes. My Year 7 Religion class has the theme of ‘Advent’ as our final unit of the year. This is part of the ‘Liturgical Calendar’ unit and looks at the symbols used during this period of the Church year.

We decided that we would all make Advent Calendars and that any format could be used to create the calendar. Students could work in teams or individually.

So far so good. The first thing I noticed was that only two students decided to work on their own with most quickly forming teams. The level of engagement has been very high with no issue around students staying on task. The teams are working well and they are all working towards the common goal. A number of students have spent a great deal of their own time on the task which is quite amazing. One student showed me part of his calendar to which he had devoted three hours the previous evening!


One issue we are encountering is creating symbols within the calendar that are easily recognisable. Creating the structure of the calendar has been quite straight forward but coming up with the symbols is another story. We did find a way to include images from outside but it involves using a Mac or PC and as we have iPads this is not really an option. We decided that the easiest way is to label the symbols using text to identify each.

A few students having been using Terraria as an alternative. I will comment on this app a little later. Here is a little snapshot of where we are at.


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