Keep it Real

Last week, the PBL World Australia pre-conference forum opened with an entertaining presentation by four Parramatta Marist students.

Cedric, Brad, Wilson and Gavin shared their experience of learning and how it had changed as a result of their school’s approach to learning through PBL. Moving from traditional subject-driven classes to integrated subjects with a specific project focus had taught them a few key skills, such as:

  • how to work in teams
  • how to present their thoughts, ideas and work creatively and for a purpose
  • how to adapt
  • how to lead
  • and how to learn

Of course, the students have gained knowledge through their projects and met the relevant curriculum outcomes, but these key skills also allowed them take ownership of their learning and led to a deeper level of understanding and engagement.

It’s no accident that the PBL approach focuses on these skills. Like many contemporary approaches to schooling, PBL…

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