Innovating workplaces

Innovating workplaces.

Great reflection by Greg Whitby on the massive changes facing our nation.

It is only when things like massive job losses take place that anyone realises there may be a problem. It is the same in education. At some time in the not too distant future a viable alternative to the current education system will emerge. This will be driven by the fact that governments will find they cannot continue to fund more schools in the current model. Students will leave and those teachers unable to exist in a virtual world will be consigned to the unemployment queue.

A long way off?? I am sure the workers at Holden, Toyota and Qantas felt their jobs were secure certainly in their working lives.

It is the same with our climate. The warning signs are already there. It will only be when it will be too late that we realise we should have acted sooner.

It is human nature. Because something has never happened before we assume it can never happen. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans many people stayed in their homes based on the fact that water levels had never reached certain points.

Unfortunately new records were set and many lost their lives.

What does this mean for education?

Teachers are the main hope for the future. We need to be optimistic and encourage our students to be innovative and creative. To look at the challenges facing our world and meet them head on. To not look inward but outward and work for the common good. To be compassionate and help those less able to take care of themselves.

The challenges are massive but not insurmountable. Hopefully our education system rises to the challenge and is not held back by those who seek to live in the past.


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