Minecraft Presentations

The culmination of our Minecraft project is the presentation by students where they walk the audience through their worlds and explain what they know of life in the time of the early Christian communities.

For me this is the most interesting as it will demonstrate whether using Minecraft has been nothing more than entertainment or they have actually developed a deeper understanding of the topic by discussing, evaluating, collaborating, creating and analysing to recreate the world of that time.

I know they have certainly learned a lot about each other and working effectively as a team. One example was yesterday when the pressure was on to put the presentations together by today’s deadline. One group was missing a student who had been assigned the job of screen capturing the world. This meant the team could not finish their narration and so they had to approach me for an extension. The group members were not happy with the student who let them down.

Both classes have realised the importance of planning after today’s lessons. They all thought the presentations would take no time to put together but have realised that this process can be very difficult. Over the last two weeks I have been reminding them of the need to start planning their presentations and I sat down with each group to discuss what they needed to do and who would do what.

Today reality hit with some groups. What surprised me a little was that some groups who I thought would have been on top of things struggled and will need a little extra time. Students who decided to work on their own have not faced the same issues and have been able to complete on time.

We sat down at the end of today’s period and talked about what went wrong for some groups. They all agreed they underestimated what was required to put the presentation together. They also realised that it is not wise to have all the resources with one person. There is always the chance of a device crashing or that person being away for some reason.

It certainly has been a great learning experience.

Here are some of the better presentations that have been submitted to date.


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