Education Strategy – eLearning Incubator

Interesting concept of the eLearning incubator.

Trinity College iPad Program

CollabiPad For our students, the iPad is just one of the tools they use to work with in the classroom.

In 2014, Trinity College is evolving from the now firmly established base of mobile learning principles practiced in Foundation Studies, to expand our eLearning potential as an institution. An eLearning Incubatorstaffed by experienced classroom teachers and a technology specialist, is researching and piloting developing technologies, learning and teaching environments, project-based and student-centred learning. The anticipated outcomes are designed to equip students with the critical thinking and learning skills demanded by universities and employers in the 21st Century.

The eLearning Incubator works across the College, in all areas of teaching and learning – not just Foundation Studies. It has a pedagogical and educational focus, and is a consultative and collaborative group. Trinity is not new to eLearning – the Theological School has been successfully delivering quality online courses for many years –…

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