iPad Potential

I came across this video which is part of Apple’s recent iPad promotion and thought it summed up the issues around the lack of iPad implementation in systemic schools.

Too many of us try to make the iPad do what a laptop would do. I often hear staff say that they do not like the iPad because it cannot do what a Mac does. They find it hard to get their heads around what they want the students to do because ‘the kids don’t have Macs’ or ‘I don’t know how they can do it on the iPad’. They are still locked into the old thinking and use the device as a replacement for the exercise book.

Unfortunately they fail to see the great potential the iPad offers in doing something completely different. Because we have invested little in terms of giving staff time to explore the iPad as a tool of learning we have missed a great opportunity. Giving staff time to play and collaborate is essential to getting something great happening in your school.



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