Edmund Rice Centre Promotion Using Minecraft

This is a sample of the videos my two Year 8 Religion classes have been creating as part of their unit on ‘Living the Christian Life’.

The students were asked to create a promotional video for the Edmund Rice Centre. ERC are a not for profit organisation run by the Christian Brothers in Sydney. They get no funding from the government and rely on donations to help them in their work.

ERC work with a variety of groups, but predominantly their work is done with our Indigenous people and supporting and advocating for those who come to our country seeking asylum.

The basis of the task was to use any medium to help promote the work of ERC. Our hope was that we would get a few videos that ERC could use to help spread the message of what they do and perhaps generate more funding for them. This was another example of the benefits of creating an ‘authentic learning’ experience in the classroom.

For the most part the students chose Minecraft as their preferred medium and this proved to be a great choice. The discussions that took place between the students around the construction of places like Manus Island and Christmas Island was one of the highlights of the process.

I look forward to posting more of these videos as the students finalise their work.


One thought on “Edmund Rice Centre Promotion Using Minecraft

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