Steve Jobs Quote

I just read a short article that revisited the launch of Apple’s iBook Author and looked at the potential iPads could have in changing the dynamic of the traditional classroom. At the end of the article was this quote from Steve Jobs in 1996:

“I used to think that technology could help education. I’ve probably spearheaded giving away more computer equipment to schools than anybody else on the planet. But I’ve had to come to the inevitable conclusion that the problem is not one that technology can hope to solve. What’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology. No amount of technology will make a dent. It’s a political problem. The problems are sociopolitical.”

After all the implementation of technology in most CEO schools over the past six years I would say that there are aspects to his statement that are correct in terms of the current language coming from our Federal Government about a return to ‘traditional teaching.’

However, from what has happened in CEO schools I would have to say the implementation of the various technologies has in most cases transformed the landscape completely. Certainly at Cathedral the change has been enormous. That would not have happened if the DER had not been implemented.

It is certainly interesting to look at Jobs’ statement in the light of the last six years. I think it shows if you have a coordinated approach to technical implementation backed up by an emphasis on changing pedagogy through the funding of specialists in schools then you will get real change. Something the Sydney CEO did very well.



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