The Life of Mary Mackillop Using Minecraft

After having a successful venture into the Minecraft world with my Year 8 Religion classes I decided to roll the dice and see how my Year 9 class would deal with the challenge.

The first hurdle was realising the Mac Airs which all Year 9 students have would not network successfully inside the College. The iPads did not have this issue as the Year 8 students used the Multiplayer app to successfully link up.

The project was to recreate a section of the life of a prominent person in the development of the Catholic Church and highlight their achievements and challenges. We overcame the network issue by getting the students to do sections of the project individually and then bring them together in iMovie.

Most students chose Mary Mackillop due to the depth of resources available. The level of presentations has been very high given this was a class tasks and did not count towards their overall assessment. I know if we had not used Minecraft then the students would not have bothered devoting the same amount of time to the task.

Here are two samples of the work submitted to date.


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