Getting PBL Happening

Again this year we are trying to further develop our PBL program in Year 7. This is our fourth year using the same format and the same period allocation. Two periods per fortnightly cycle with a ‘matrix’ style grouping of activities.

There has been a conscious effort this year to move the activities into a format that reflects the fundamental approach of PBL. The idea of a ‘driving question’ accompanied by a ‘learning journey reflection’ for each activity has certainly moved the program forward.

One activity that remains a constant is the involvement in the ‘UNSW Sunsprint Challenge’. This is a true PBL activity and it is a surprise more schools do not involve themselves in the Challenge.

Our two Year 7 teams are on track in terms of planning and preparation. Construction of the cars will begin in a couple of weeks. The planning and preparation is essential to ensure time is not wasted further down the track.

photo 1



photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


One of the aspects of the task students struggle with is working effectively as a team. The ability to assign roles and then listen to each other’s ideas is one of the most important aspects of the Challenge.

The Challenge is complex and requires each person to contribute equally. At this stage both teams have concept designs and have started building prototypes from cardboard.

To keep up with the latest information on all our teams participating in 2015 go to our Sunsprint blog.


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