Maths Assessment Pre Task

This year our Maths department desided to make a major change to the way we assess students in Maths. Previously all assessments have been in the form of formal examinations across Years 7 to 12. This year both Year 11 and Year 8 will complete one assessment in a different format.

We are currently in the process of working through the Term 3 assessment task for Year 8. The task is built around the completion of a ‘polygon puzzle’ using the iPads and Google Slides.

The first phase of the assessment involved three periods of teacher directed instruction. This involved working through three exercises from the text to ensure the students had background knowledge to enable them to engage with the task.

Phase two was a group task involving teams of four students completing a ‘polygon puzzle’ and an associated ‘learning log’. This was in effect a ‘trial run’ for the formal assessment task. The students used their iPads and Google Slides to complete the task. While the task was completed in groups each student had to complete an individual Google Slide presentation.

The Google Slide presentation had been created by our Maths Coordinator and shared with the students via Teacher Dashboard which is a facility that sits alongside Google apps. Each teacher is able to access individual presentations and make comments directly in the Google Slide presentation providing feedback to students on their efforts.


This part of the task proved very effective and put the students in a good position to complete the formal assessment task. This component of the task was worth 5 marks which ensured all students made an effort to do their best and complete all parts of this first section.



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