Maths Assessment Task

Having recently completed the Year 8 Assessment Task in our Year 8 Maths classes it is time to reflect on how well the process went.

My class is the bottom class of five classes in Year 8. Being a relatively small group this means the students who find Maths a challenge are able to get more individual time during classes. This model has been very successful at the College and while these types of classes can prove a ‘challenge’ in terms of behaviour and motivation with the right teachers involved they can also be very rewarding experiences for both teacher and student.

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of boys in my Year 8 class who are all keen to improve their skills in Maths. They work hard and always try their best in every task so they were very keen to do well in this task given it gave them a different way of demonstrating their learning. They also felt less ‘test pressure’. Having done the pre task they all felt confident that they could undertake the task and do a good job.

The assessment task went well. The boys came in and sat at their allocated desks. They were given an A4 sheet of grid paper and the shapes they were to cut out had been part of the Google Slide presentation shared with them just before the period.

Once they had cut out their shapes they got straight to the task. They had to create 20 questions relating to the shapes they had cut out and then provide answers by manipulating, measuring, combining or transforming the shapes they had cut out. It was very interesting watching them negotiate the task and struggle with creating their own questions.


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