Using time and space: visualising Singapore’s history through iPads

I love this post because it demonstrates what is great about the iPad. You cannot do this with a Mac! iPads allow greater flexibility and creativity. There are some absolutely sensational apps that turn the iPad into an amazing learning tool. It is hard to believe that some schools have moved away from the iPad back to a laptop. The laptop is used in many instances as a replacement for the exercise book. I believe the iPad has received some ‘bad press’ from teachers because they could not figure out how to use it as a replacement exercise book. At the end of the day the device is only as good as the teacher allows it to be. This post demonstrates once again what is possible with this amazing piece of technology.

Teaching the Teacher

Our opening unit of the inquiry for the year is ‘human exploration results in new discoveries’ with a particular focus on Singapore and the different waves of migration that have shaped the country’s history.

Singapore trip

There are two aspects to this unit that the children would likely find challenging.

  • Firstly that waves of people from different people have come to Singapore
  • Secondly that time changes our physical environment.

Alanis, Emerson, SarahIn the process of Tuning in… to tuning in I wondered ‘What were the misconceptions the children might have about Singapore?’ How will they understand how time has shaped the cultures and space of the city?


As a form of pre-assessment I had the children create a Pinterest board of places newcomers to Singapore should go to learn more about the country. The children’s choices reflected their experience with their environment:

  • Universal studios
  • Sentosa Island
  • Vivo city
  • Marina Bay Sands

Rather than see this as a…

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