Flipped learning has no place in an inquiry classroom #coetail

Great post. Flipped learning certainly has a place in the senior years given the amount of content that needs to be covered. In fact it is perfect for these years of schooling.

For younger students I don’t see the point. We are already placing enormous demands on students to complete work outside of the classroom with the increase in the amount of assessment tasks imposed across all subject areas.

A different take on the flipped classroom might be using assessment tasks to deliver content. Instead of doing the assessment task in their own time, students would complete the task during class. The teacher could focus on particular content areas that help complete the task.

At the moment what I see happening is the teacher delivers content at the start of the lesson, students complete some related task and get some follow-up homework. There is then an assessment task set over a 2 week period that may include some of this content.

I am not sure this is the most effective use of time!

Source: Flipped learning has no place in an inquiry classroom #coetail


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